“The Battle of the Soda Tax” 9th March

A city in California has taken the very first steps in a long campaign against big soda companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Tax On Fizzy Drinks 

The campaign has been named ‘Battle against the big soda’ and aims to reduce issues such as childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. The campaigners suggest that soda tax is an effective way to gently push people, (especially children) away from sugary drinks and towards healthier options. Opponents, namely the soda industry, believe this plan will be ineffective at fighting obesity and is also unfair to low earners. Healthy alternatives tend to be more pricey. The movement has been inspired by other campaigns, including Michelle Obama’s challenge to get underprivileged children to eat fresh food. Also, former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg tried but failed to ban super-sized sodas within five boroughs.

31 other cities have attempted to pass a similar tax but it has always been stopped. This is the first clear victory and campaigners are hoping they have set the national standard. If this spreads worldwide it will affect the vending industry here in the UK. Fizzy drinks will be more expensive and therefore less popular. There are healthy alternatives which the industry already provide and the demand for these will most likely increase. Overall it looks like a healthy future could be on the horizon.