Healthy Vending Upgrade 16th February

Healthy Vending Just Got An Upgrade!

Healthy Vending

The first ever 24-hour ‘Honest Café’ has been installed at Southampton Solent University. Literally the first ever in the country. Healthy vending will never be the same. No high sugar cold drinks or snacks, the theme is very much ‘closer to nature’. Every cold drink and snack product have been carefully selected with your health in mind. Honest is a new brand created by Revive Vending and is the result of many years of research and has been built from scratch.

All the wood, surrounding the equipment is taken from recycled pallets, sanded and then carefully joined together to give a real earthy feel. The modular design has been handcrafted by Revive staff and attention to detail is obvious from the moment you walk into the room. The Honest Café also serves Fairtrade Coffee and Tea together with Lattes, Cappuccino’s and Hot Chocolate all made using fat-free 100% skimmed milk.

This is not like any other vending, it’s not meant to be, be prepared for a new experience