Our Suppliers

We are proud of all our vending suppliers and everything they do for us and our customers. They offer a brilliant service to every one of their clients and always make sure that everyone is kept happy and in the loop.

Forward thinking family-owned business in the UK

Began in 1917 as a counter-service grocery store

Owns SPAR UK and SPAR stores across England & Wales

Serving vending customers for 15 years

Delivering to customers within the UK & Ireland

75 Years of experience

One of the largest manufacturers of vending machines

Developing market leading solutions

Part of the Cott Corporation

320 staff within North West England

Export to Europe, Middle East and Australasia

Free spare parts service

Recycle service

Free return

Service hotline

A global coffee & tea company

Servicing over 100 countries

Mars joined the world’s Best Multinational Workplace Top 25

80,000 strong in 78 countries

United and guided by The Five Principles

Established in 1991

31 designs and engineering in 33 countries

world leader in design and manufacture

Found over 100 years ago

A range of paper cups and plastic cups

Hot and cold drink cups

Only major biscuit manufacture to focus solidly on biscuits in the UK

Employ over 2,000 people around the UK

3 main manufacturing facilities in Blackpool, Edinburgh and Llantarnam

Working with vending suppliers who share all our values

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